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PHP DataGrid

PHP DataGrid (PHP DG) script is a simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating data-bound grid control. It was specially designed for web developers. The PHP DataGrid is excellent for all PHP database-driven web site and online-based data administration.


PHP MicroCMS (PHP MCMS) is a simple, but very powerful Content Management System that everyone can use. It's very easy to install by web developers, webmasters, graphic designers etc. PHP MCMS was developed in OOP and allows users to build websites in minutes.

PHP Easy Installer

PHP Easy Installer (PHP EI) allows creating an user-friendly installation module for existing and new web applications. If you planning to create application in PHP and search for small, customizable and powerful installation module - this is the best solution for you. The script may be easily customized for any project.

PHP DataForm

PHP Dataform (PHP DF) script is a simple tool for creating HTML Forms with ease. It was especially designed for web developers, who don't want to loose time on creating Forms in HTML or escaping them through PHP, but to use a first-class OOP backend for the work.

JS Auto Form Validator

JavaScript Auto Form Validator (JS AFV) - is a script, which helps you in creating of pages with forms that require validation of different data types. The concept is simple: you heed to write NOTHING of JavaScript code for any html form.